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 QLARIVIA -proud DIAMOND sponsor
 of RAAD Fest 2017

Gold Sponsor of RAAD Fest 2016 
Revolution Against Aging and Death

We achieved excellent results through creativity and innovation in business

Count on us while heading towards your objectives.Getting reliable support and innovative, quality services at a fair price, these are just a few of your direct benefits in working with us and with our business partners. 

QLARIVIA low content Deuterium Depleted Water 25 ppm *

QLARIVIA  is manufactured exclusively in Europe, Romania, by MecroSystem ltd.
Our Eurogator LLC is the liaison and representation office of the Manufacturer, for sales and distribution purposes in the US. Please feel free to contact us.

We may arrange the shipping of water straight from the Manufacturer to your place in the US. The minimum order qty (MOQ) is 96 bottles (2 full carton cases x 48 bottles each)- good for 3 months consumption.  48 bottles (one case only) may be treated it as an exception for the first order. Because the S&H costs make the difference for the final price, we can do the exact price calculation as soon as we know the quantity that you plan to purchase and the delivery address (zip). 

​Special terms and conditions for retailers and distributors. 
We encourage you to
ask for more information

People's greatest desire of all times was to live as long as possible in the best physical and mental shape possible. Qlarivia -Gold Sponsor of the Raad Fest
in San Diego CA, 2016  check these pictures :  1  2 3  
The "Revolution Against Aging and Death" 

NOW also FRANCHISING (industrial manufacturing only)  :

 and feel free to ask for additional information
QLARIVIA  is a 25 ppm* only, the immaculate water for your
wellness .
Compare this with the regular deuterium content of 125-145 ppm
that exists in any of the purest other water.

A wonderful, unique in the world, 16.9 fl.oz (500ml) water.
It is highly recommend to consume one bottle a day for at least
three months in a row for noticeable effects. For knowledgeable
people willing to reduce their deuterium level at an accelerated
pace, 2 or more bottles may be consumed in a day. 

*ppm (parts per million)

Visit our DOWNLOAD section to learn more about Deuterium Depleted Water in general and about Qlarivia.
You can learn more about the benefits of deuteriume depleted water by watching this exciting  video presentation made by Mrs.MJ Pangman ( at the  11th Annual Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water, Oct 2016 where the results of three case studies were presented 

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Traditional Chinese Foods
and Beverages

International Energy Trading

The global energy trading industry is experiencing substantial,accelerated changes over the last years. For this reasons, we have signed agreements with suppliers in Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan to serve our European clients. LPG, jet fuel, diesel fuel, etc.

We are very realistic that a blend of low commodity prices, capital requirements and increased price transparency has eroded margins, reduced arbitrage opportunities and modified the players participating in this competitive arena. Stringent regulatory measures have led to rising complexity costs and a tightening of the financing environment, therefore, our prices are very competitive.
F eel free to ask for a quote.
We import a large variety of traditional, healthy foods and beverages, from Asia.

From the already famous "Country of Ginseng"  JILIN province -China we import natural health products and dietary food supplements such as wonderful oral liquids and drinks preparated with Korean and Chinese ginseng , natural slimming teas, a large variety of energy drinks and many other ancient remedies based on herb extracts.

You may download here the complete Product catalog .

International Business Consulting

We provide expert consulting and business advisory services to major companies in Asia, Europe, Middle East, and CIS States.

Since 2012 we provide business liaision and representation services for both US and European companies in China, Vietnam and the Republic of Kazakhstan. For US and Asian companies, we liaise with business entities in Romania, Bulgaria, Rep.of Moldova and Hungary.
Professional business consulting are the core products of our expertize.
Adjacent to them, we are actively involved in the Lobby sector, both in the US and Europe.
We liaise with professional firms in Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg for promoting innovative Projects of significant amounts. 

We are well connected with Universities, R&D Centers, Research Institutes and independent groups of specialists and technology experts in Europe. Qualified people and specialists, with proven experience and knowledge are of great, valuable support to our business.

Above all, such human talents are part of an impressive talent pool that you may be willing to explore. Look no further if you plan to get your project or prototype done, there are Universities & Institutes, R&D centers in Europe that can manage this for you.

Whenever possible, we also assist our clients in financing deals or projects and execute their operations. Our expert team provides quick access to market updates and information, which is essential in assisting clients.

LED luminaires

We sell various a full range of LED products and also assist US companies to search for professional LED manufacturers and LED products in Europe and Asia.
We do liaise with EU manufacturers of plaastic injection molds and products. Feel free to ask for a quotation. Automotive, electrical products, household products.

Who we provide services to :

• Commercial       • Industrial     • Schools and churches
• Hospitals           • Residential   • Public and Govermental offices

-For LED luminaires, we accept "white label" manufacturing. Production in Europe and Asia, in UL and CSA recognized and certified products. 

Among our products- the IGREGO LED luminaire, UL certified in 2016

Download the catalog of the newest LED luminaire release.
 his is an extremly modular, connectable luminaire for wall and ceiling mounting. Up to 6 lamps or more may be interconnected.

Check these amazing pictures  < 1  > and < 2 >

​LED Solution makes getting great lighting easy for you. Our professional staff will come to your location and help you determine the best course of action. We'll provide you with a complete lighting assessment, FREE of charge. We guarantee, LED lighting will improve the ambiance in your space, lower your utility costs, and minimally impact the environment.
International Recognition
    QLARIVIA International Recognition
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    QLARIVIA- Scientifical Facts
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